50K Festival

See You There!

Ready for 50K? Essential information for the big day.

Here are important FAQs regarding the long-awaited 50,000 Lions of Justice Festival. As there are nine venues with different policies, please read the instructions that come with your e-ticket, plus any additional instructions sent by your territory, to ensure the smoothest movement for everyone. Have a great time!

Q: How far in advance should I arrive at the venue?

A: Early arrival is strongly encouraged. Please give yourself sufficient time to park, have your ticket scanned and take your seat. As a general rule of thumb, it’s best to arrive 60–90 minutes before the festival start time, so the nationwide simulcast can begin promptly. Please check your ticket for the time when the doors open at your venue.

Q: Can I bring outside food or beverage
into the venue?

A: No outside food or beverage will be allowed at any venue. Some venues will offer concession stands, so please check with your local territory office.


Q: Will there be security searches?

A: Yes. As is the case for large public events, all patrons will be subject to a bag search and security check. Participants should plan on passing through metal detectors and/or hand wand screening, and allow for this in planning their arrival time.

Q: Are children allowed to attend the festival?

A: As this is a youth division event, no one under junior high school age will be allowed to attend.

Q: Are tickets transferrable to another person?

No. Each ticket will have the attendee’s name printed on it. Further, each ticket has been designed to allow only one scan per ticket.

Q: I want to sit next to my friend. Is the seating assigned?

A: The event is general admission. Please follow the instructions provided for your venue.

Q: Can I bring my emotional support animal?

A: Only trained service dogs will be permitted with their handler. No therapy animals,
no comfort/emotional support animals, no pets will be allowed.

Q: Are there prohibited items?

A: Yes. See below:

• Outside food and beverages
• Professional video-and audio-recording devices
• Laptops and tablet devices
• Laser pens or pointers
• Artificial noise-making devices
• Weapons of any kind; each venue
will have metal detectors
• Balloons
• Open umbrellas
• Skateboards, scooters, rollerblades, etc.
• Banners or signage
• Large bags, backpacks or briefcases—some venues have strict bag restrictions so please refer to your ticket
• Coolers or any hard-sided containers
• Electronic cigarettes

Any item deemed by the venue’s management to be dangerous, inappropriate or may disrupt other attendees’ enjoyment of the festival will be prohibited.


Please check with your local SGI-USA territory office for further detailed information regarding parking.

• There will be loud noises and special effects in use. This may include strobe lights (lighting effects) as well
as loud drums and music.

• In addition, as this meeting will be simulcast across multiple locations in the U.S., any and all participants should be ready to have their image broadcasted to other venues.

• Also, taking pictures and videos for your personal use or personal social media is permitted and encouraged!

For more information, please contact your local SGI-USA territory office:

Los Angeles Friendship Center
(323) 965-0025

Chicago Culture Center
(312) 913-1211

New York Culture Center
(212) 727-7715