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“The People’s Music” 55 Years of Min-On


The inaugural concert of the Min-On Concert Association, Tokyo, October 1963. Photo by Seikyo Press.

“Each drop of sweat shed for art expands the river of culture and peace.”[1] <accessed on August 16, 2018>.
—Daisaku Ikeda

Since its founding, musicians and performing artists from 104 countries have performed in more than 300 cities across Japan, while hundreds of Japanese artists have done so abroad. [2] <accessed on August 16, 2018>.

The Mission of Min-On

The Min-On Concert Association was founded on October 18, 1963, at the initiative of Daisaku Ikeda, to promote the global exchange of music and culture with the aim of developing mutual understanding and respect among the world’s people, expressed in its mission statement:

1. To develop a multifaceted music and cultural movement that is firmly rooted among ordinary people in order to share with an ever-greater audience the pleasure and inspiration that come from enjoying music and the performing arts.

2. To deepen mutual understanding and friendship among all countries by promoting music and cultural exchanges that transcend differences of nationality, race and language.

3. To contribute to a flourishing of music and art by developing musical programs designed to cultivate the artistic sentiments of children and young people.

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