Confirming 50,000 Stand Together

4 key actions we can all take toward the success of the Lions of Justice Festival.


With 37 days left until the historic 50,000 Lions of Justice Festival, we have already achieved close to 50,000 registrations. Congratulations!

In the spirit of profound care for the precious young people who registered for the festival, let’s reconfirm their attendance by sharing with them how significant this event will be for their lives and for society. In addition, many of the registrants have set bold personal goals to achieve by Sept. 23, so let’s support each of them in challenging their lives and striving for their goals toward the festival.

Here, we have provided some concrete steps in our efforts to reconfirm that each of our 50,000 lions attends the festival and takes a stand to usher in an era of hope and respect.

Reconfirmation in 4 Steps

Our youth general meetings have taught us that not every youth who confirms to attend a meeting will do so. To ensure that 50,000 stand together on the day of the festival, the SGI-USA youth have introduced a thorough and organized reconfirmation process in these 4 steps:

1. Confirm each registrant by phone call or visit, using a clearly established contact person:

a. Active members should be reconfirmed by their leaders.

b. “Squad members,” including friends, relatives and inactive members, should be reconfirmed by the contact person who initially confirmed them.

c. During the call or visit, communicate that electronic tickets will be sent via email in early September.

Please note: All chapter leaders will have access to an online reconfirmationtool via their SGI-USA Member Portal accounts to track the 4-step reconfirmation progress of each participant. These updates will be reflected in the tri-weekly 50K registration report that will be emailed to all district through national leaders every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, starting in mid-August.

2. Once the tickets have been sent, confirm that all registrants have received their electronic ticket.

3. Confirm all registrants have transportation to the venue.

4. Confirm the primary contact for each guest.

Registrations Continue!

In addition to our reconfirmation efforts, we will continue to register participants so that as many youth as possible have a chance to attend this historic festival, while keeping these important points in mind:

1. Uniting as a chapter and identifying clear contact persons, reach out to every SGI-USA youth and eligible member.

2. Continue to register guests, while ensuring that there is a strong relationship with them. (The likelihood of registered strangers attending is low.)

We should not pay for guests unless they are future division age, or they are close friends who will absolutely attend. The $20 fee is to ensure their commitment.


Mark The Date!

Aug. 28 is the deadline for two important things:

1. For registered participants to change the venue they will attend.

2. For registered participants to receive a refund if they can no longer attend.

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