The New Human Revolution and America

A guide to sgi president ikeda’s visits and encounters with america chronicled in his epic, novelized series

President Ikeda, taking off from Los Angeles on his return flight to Tokyo, reports in his heart to President Toda a victorious first overseas visit to establish Soka Gakkai organizations outside of Japan, October 1960. Illustration by Kenichiro Uchida.

Volume 1
Chapter 1: Sunrise

pp. 1–64 Soka Gakkai President Daisaku Ikeda visits Honolulu, the first stop in his inaugural overseas journey for worldwide kosen-rufu, and the place where the first district is established outside of Japan.

Chapter 2: A New World

pp. 93–126 President Ikeda visits San Francisco, where he attends a district meeting and establishes a district in Nevada. He asks the Japanese pioneer members to acquire citizenship, obtain a driver’s license and master English in order to propagate Buddhism in America.

Chapter 3: Golden Autumn

pp. 127–50 President Ikeda visits Seattle and establishes a district there, offering heartfelt guidance about the hope-filled future he visualized for Seattle.

pp. 150–75 President Ikeda visits Chicago, where the first Chicago district is formed. On his trip, he encounters a scene of discrimination against a young African American boy and resolves in his heart to create a society worth of his love and pride.

Chapter 4: Light of Compassion

pp. 197–212 President Ikeda visits New York and the U.N. Headquarters, where he states that the 21st century will be the Century of Africa.

pp. 212–41 President Ikeda visits Washington, D.C., and establishes the first district there.

Chapter 5: Pioneers

pp. 285–313 President Ikeda visits Los Angeles, where Los Angeles chapter is formed at a “Los Angeles Kick-off Meeting.” He encourages the members to carry out their mission to illuminate America with the light of happiness.

SGI President Ikeda engages in dialogue with University of Massachusetts Boston Chancellor, Dr. J. Keith Motley, after receiving his 300th honorary doctorate from the university, Tokyo, November 2010. Photo by Seikyo Press.

Volume 2
Chapter 2: Courageous Endeavor

p. 160 “America General Chapter” is established to serve as the umbrella organization for the 17 districts formed in the United States and Brazil on President Ikeda’s first overseas trip.

pp. 193–99 President Ikeda discusses John F. Kennedy and the changing state of America in the 1960s.

Volume 5
Chapter 3: Victory

pp. 226–29 Sixty-eight pioneering members from America visit Japan one year after President Ikeda’s first visit to the United States.

Volume 7
Chapter 2: Fresh Growth

pp. 95–118 President Ikeda visits Hawaii two years after his initial visit. With the growth of the membership in Hawaii, a new Hawaii Chapter is formed and the first study exams are held.

pp. 118–48 President Ikeda visits Los Angeles and holds the First America West General Meeting with members from San Francisco and Seattle.

pp. 148–73 President Ikeda visits New York and holds the America East General Meeting, the inaugural meeting for New York Chapter.

Volume 8
Chapter 1: Securing the Foundation

p. 32 Soka Gakkai in America is officially recognized as a religious corporation in the United States, becoming the first overseas organization to gain this legal status.

Volume 9
Chapter 1: A New Era

pp. 73–76 Recognizing the necessity of an English-language newspaper in the United States, President Ikeda decides to establish the World Tribune, the first Soka Gakkai newspaper to be published outside of Japan.

Volume 10
Chapter 1: Bastion of the Pen

p. 59 On the first issue of the World Tribune, published in August 1964.

Chapter 2: Winds of Happiness

pp. 79–100 President Ikeda visits and encourages the members in Los Angeles during the Watts Riots.

pp. 100–03 The Brass Band and Fife and Drum Corps performing groups are formed in the United States.

p. 104–110 The first outdoor culture festival is held in the United States. President Ikeda talks about the importance of culture festivals in America.

p. 137–44 President Ikeda visits San Francisco, Seattle and Honolulu, fostering core leaders and offering personal guidance.

Chapter 4: Crown Champions

pp. 285–303 President Ikeda visits Hawaii to attend the opening of the Hawaii Community Center, marking the fifth center opened overseas.

Volume 11
Chapter 3: Ever-Victorious

pp. 236–54 President Ikeda shares his sentiments about the Vietnam War and offers a Buddhist understanding of war as well as encouragement to American military personnel.

Volume 12
Chapter 1: Fresh Hope

pp. 11–16 President Ikeda starts the second phase of the kosen-rufu movement from Hawaii.

pp. 16–21 President Ikeda visits Los Angeles and announces the formation of a joint headquarters in America, comprising of three headquarters—West Coast, East Coast and Hawaii.

pp. 21–39 President Ikeda visits New York and, as a result of the growing membership, suggests opening a new center.

Chapter 4: Glorious Future

p. 276 President Ikeda announces he would like to build a Soka University in America and says that education is his final undertaking in life.

p. 342 Soka University of America opens in February 1987, in Los Angeles, and on May 3, 2001, in Orange County, California.

Volume 14
Chapter 2: Mission

pp. 102–22 Min-On sponsors a Fife and Drum Corps parade in Los Angeles, and a Japan–U.S. Fife and Drum Corps exchange is held in the same city.

Volume 19
Chapter 2: Song of Triumph

pp. 89–90 President Ikeda visits Malibu, where he holds youth training sessions and makes an impromptu visit to New Orleans.

Chapter 3: Sunlight

pp. 165–81 President Ikeda visits Los Angeles and gives a lecture at the University of California Los Angeles, his first at a university outside of Japan.

pp. 181–88 President Ikeda holds the first overseas memorial service in Santa Monica, California, for his mentor, Josei Toda, commemorating the 16th anniversary of his death.

pp. 189–216 President Ikeda attends the San Diego Convention.

pp. 216–19 President Ikeda encourages the staff at the SGI-USA Headquarters in Santa Monica, California.

pp. 219–24 A youth leaders training session is held in Malibu, where attendees are named the first class of “Ikeda University” in America.

pp. 224–26 President Ikeda encourages youth supporting the San Diego Convention behind the scenes.

pp. 227–35 President Ikeda attends a kickoff in Honolulu for the Hawaii Convention to be held the following year.

pp. 237–38 President Ikeda establishes a unified international organization—Soka Gakkai International—to link members around the world.

Volume 22
Chapter 2: Currents

pp. 91–184 President Ikeda visits Hawaii to attend the 12th U.S. Nationwide General Meeting and the Blue Hawaii Convention.

(pp. 22-25)