Q: Why Do You Contribute Financially to the SGI-USA?


Cause and effect— The simultaneous development of the flower and seed of the lotus blossom is used in Buddhism to symbolize the simultaneity of cause and effect. This principle underscores the fact that how we live in this moment determines the future. Photo: PRAWAT / Getty Images.

Photo by GENE LOWER.

Josh Scobey
Chandler, Ariz.

The May Commemorative Contribution activity is something I look forward to. It reminds me of my late mother, Flossie Frazier, and how she placed great importance on repaying our debt of gratitude to the SGI and SGI President Ikeda. In May 2004, I remember coming home from shopping one day. I’d been playing in the NFL for two seasons by then, and my mom told me two things: First, what did I get her? And second, I should challenge making a financial contribution to the SGI beyond my initial goal. I did as she said. The following year, I had the most successful season of my career, and my team went to the Super Bowl. From this experience, I understood that making causes out of appreciation builds fortune for a life of true fulfillment.


Photo by BOB NARDI.

Hitomi Oum
Schererville, Ind.


In January 2017, my husband lost his job. Despite having one income, we were determined to use this as an opportunity to challenge our financial karma by maintaining our contributions to the SGI. As my husband searched for work, we both challenged our situation through faith based on our determination to respond to SGI President Ikeda’s encouragement. Amazingly, we surpassed our goal for May, maintained our monthly contributions and my husband was hired at a new company. Through this experience, we learned that when we are united with Sensei, anything is possible. This year, we made a new goal to secure the future of American kosen-rufu as proud disciples of Sensei and ensure that the 50,000 Lions of Justice Festival is a total success!


Karishma Yadav
Des Moines, Iowa

I was introduced to SGI Nichiren Buddhism in India in 2008. I got married and moved to the U.S. with my husband in 2015, but my visa didn’t allow me to work. I was determined, however, to transform this situation so that I could contribute to our household and the SGI. This year, amid saving for business school and sending money home to our parents, I shared the spirit of making financial contributions to the SGI with my husband who isn’t a member. Together, we increased our financial contributions out of a deep sense of appreciation. Shortly after, I received my work permit, allowing me to be legally employed in the U.S. Now, I’m determined to find my kosen-rufu job and continue to repay my debt of gratitude to help many others transform their lives as well!


Andy Matsuda

From a young age, I watched my parents save each year to make their May Commemorative Contribution goal, despite their financial struggles. As I got older, I could see the tremendous fortune my family accumulated in the process. We not only overcame financial hardships, but also sickness and other severe obstacles. Through my parent’s example, contributing financially became a natural expression of my gratitude for the SGI, which supported my family in overcoming numerous struggles. Now, as a new father, I look forward to sharing this same spirit with my son. This year, more than ever, with the 50,000 Lions of Justice Festival only a few months away, my family and I feel so fortunate to make a financial contribution for the sake of kosen-rufu in America.