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Matters of the Heart


Peeyush Shrivastava, CEO (right), and the leadership team of Genetesis. Photo by Courtesy of Genetesis.

When Peeyush Shrivastava was 10 years old, his beloved grandfather was diagnosed with several cardiac rhythm and neurodegenerative disorders. Learning that there was no cure for him, Peeyush went on a mission to find one.

A decade later, the 22-year-old Ohio native developed a 3-D scanning device that can rapidly detect coronary artery disease using the heart’s electrical activity. Where an emergency room visit for chest pains or cardiac-related abnormalities can cost thousands of dollars and hours of tests, Mr. Shrivastava’s device performs a noninvasive 90-second scan.

Mr. Shirvastava is the CEO and co-founder of Genetesis, a biotech company with the motto “science made personal.” Now that’s heartwarming!

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