Building a Harmonious and Happy Family

Parents will play a key role in encouraging their children’s happy and full participation in the 50,000 Lions of Justice Festival next year.

Photo: Mary D'Elia.

In 2018, our junior high and high school members will have the opportunity to participate in the 50,000 Lions of Justice Festival. “As the youngest group to be part of this historic
gathering, we really want to emphasize that these JHHS members are the protagonists of our future,” SGI-USA Youth Leader David Witkowski said.

“We want to encourage them to bring their friends to the festival and challenge a great personal goal in their lives leading up to this day. We want them to know that 50K is their festival too.”

Toward this end, parents will play a key role in encouraging their children’s happy and full participation.

SGI President Ikeda writes:

When they reach junior high and senior high school age, children enter an extremely difficult period. It is especially important to extend to them your respect and understanding at this time. If you question them too persistently because they no longer talk to you very much, they will in all likelihood rebel. This is a time when they are striving to establish their spiritual independence and excessive fault finding can undermine their personal development.

A parent’s wisdom—or lack of  it—can exert a lifelong, indelible influence on the child. Parents should strive to tell their children what they need to hear in order to grow up properly. You should thoroughly understand that blind or doting affection alone will in no way ensure a child’s future happiness.

In any event, ordinary though it may be, I hope you will build an honest, harmonious, and happy family, illuminated by the greatness of the Gohonzon. (Happy Parents, Happy Kids, pp. 98–99)


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