Raising Many Lions of Justice

Spotlight on Long Beach Chapter's dynamic advance toward next year's 50,000 Lions of Justice Festival.

Photo: Frank Sees.

Long Beach Chapter is advancing dynamically toward next year’s 50,000 Lions of Justice Festival. So far this year, they have welcomed 35 new members to the SGI-USA, 21 of whom are youth. They have also appointed many youth leaders, including two chapter leaders, nine district leaders and four unit leaders.

What has been the key to their development? LA Pan-Pacific Zone Leader Alex Marcos, who participated in Long Beach Chapter’s September intro-to-Buddhism meeting, said he was beyond moved to see the women’s and men’s division members fully supporting the youth with such profound love for them as if they were their own children.

“Because of this bond, the youth are emerging with total freedom and joy,” he said.

One notable effort is Long Beach Chapter’s consistent intro meetings, where the youth are taking the lead. In October, 17 youth division members supported the meeting, which welcomed seven youth guests. One young woman who had received the Gohonzon in March brought five friends. Most of the districts also hold weekly chanting sessions toward the 50K festival, which often turn into intro meetings if guests attend.

Here is the agenda for their September intro meeting:

Emcee by chapter young women’s leader
Intro-to-Buddhism explanation by young women’s member
October Introductory Exam promotion and study by young men’s member
SGI President Ikeda’s recent guidance read by the chapter young men’s leader, a one-year member
New member’s experience by a young man who joined in August
Gohonzon conferral for two young men, siblings, who joined the SGI together


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