3 Keys to Launching Powerfully Into 2018

Check out the SGI-USA’s focus right now toward the Year of Brilliant Achievement in the New Era of Worldwide Kosen-rufu.

1. Lions of Justice

On Dec. 6, members and guests ages 18–39 can register for the Lions of Justice Festival at http://www.lionsofjustice.org. Registration fee is $20. (Stay tuned for registration instructions for junior high and high school members who will attend the festival via telecast at local SGI-USA Buddhist centers.)

2. December
Youth General

In December, 14,000 youth and youth guests (including junior high and high school members) will gather across the country for Youth General Meetings, expanding the core youth who will unite and powerfully launch into 2018. Don’t miss the chance to confirm youth for this dress rehearsal toward the 50K festival in 2018!

3. January Chapter
Kick-off Meetings

In January, chapters across the country will hold kick-off meetings, with a focus on youth attendance and welcoming new members to the SGI-USA. How many lions can you empower toward this meeting?



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