50,000 Lions of Justice Festival

United Determination Toward the 50,000 Lions of Justice Festival

Awakening lions of justice and how to become a Lion District.

photo: iStockPhoto / Damocless

“I Awakened One Lion.”

Our united determination toward the 50,000 Lions of Justice Festival:

Each SGI-USA member of any age introduces 1 youth to the practice and ensures that he or she attends the festival.


Lion District

Any district that accomplishes the following benchmarks will be designated a Lion District:

-Have two youth receive the Gohonzon.

-Appoint two unit youth leaders.

-Have six youth attend the monthly discussion meeting twice in the year. (This does not include junior high and high school members, who are encouraged to focus on their studies during the school week.)

A chapter in which all districts have been designated Lion Districts will be named a Lion Chapter.


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