The Work of the Buddha

When we look after and care for others, our own life force increases.

Photo: Susan Forner.

The mission of leaders in the SGI-USA is to serve the members. Reaching out to encourage even a single member to help them deepen their faith is the work of the Buddha. Ideally, each unit leader will be responsible for communicating with one to three members. Meetings are not held at the unit level.


1.) To communicate with members in your unit about upcoming meetings in your district and to confirm their attendance.

2.) To pray for the members’ happiness.

3.) To encourage them to seek guidance from seniors in faith.

4.) To share with members the importance of introducing others to Buddhism.

Graphic by: Brandon Hill.


SGI President Ikeda’s Guidance 

When we look after and care for others—that is, help others draw forth their life force—our own life force increases. When we help people expand their state of life, our state of life also expands. That is the wonderful thing about the bodhisattva way. The practice for benefiting others is one and the same with the practice for benefiting ourselves. To only speak of benefiting others leads to arrogance. It conveys a sense of self-righteousness, as if we are somehow doing others a favor by “saving” them. Only when we recognize that our efforts on others’ behalf are also for our own sake will we be filled with humble appreciation for being able to develop our lives. Our lives and the lives of others are ultimately inseparable. It is vital, therefore, that we follow the bodhisattva way. (January 2015 Living Buddhism, pp. 55–56)



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