SGI President Ikeda and Mrs. Ikeda Visit Kanagawa Culture Center

They conduct gongyo and pray for the happiness of all members.

gettyimages/ ngkaki

On the morning of Sept. 21, 2017, SGI President and Mrs. Ikeda visited Kanagawa Culture Center in Kanagawa Prefecture, Yokohama City, Japan.

September marked the 60th anniversary of second Soka Gakkai President Josei Toda’s Declaration for the Abolition of Nuclear Weapons, which he delivered in Yokohama.

While at the Kanagawa Culture Center, President and Mrs. Ikeda carefully viewed an exhibition depicting the history of kosen-rufu in Kanagawa. In the Gohonzon room of the memorial exhibition hall, they then conducted gongyo and chanted Nam-myoho-renge-kyo for the health, happiness and victory of the members of Kanagawa and worldwide.

After leaving the center, President Ikeda observed the Kanagawa Ikeda Memorial Hall in Tsurumi Ward (also in Yokohama). He expressed his sincere appreciation to the members protecting the treasured castle of kosen-rufu.

On Sept. 8, 1957, President Toda issued his landmark speech, Declaration for the Abolition of Nuclear Weapons, at Mitsuzawa Stadium in Yokohama before 50,000 Soka Gakkai youth, entrusting them with the mission and responsibility to create a society based on the dignity and respect for all human life.

Inheriting his mentor’s spirit, President Ikeda set forth from Kanagawa to the world to create a global movement for peace based on Buddhist humanism.


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