SGI-Korea Creates Waves of Hope

From the 2017 Youth Training Course.

For the members of SGI-Korea, it is an especially critical time to advance kosen-rufu, with their country’s geographic location at the center of global tensions surrounding the testing and threatened use of nuclear weapons.

In response, the members of SGI-Korea are striving to introduce youth—future peacemakers— to the SGI toward May 2018, the 20th anniversary of SGI President Ikeda’s first and only official visit to South Korea, and November 2018, the fifth anniversary of the opening of the Hall of the Great Vow for Kosen-rufu in Tokyo, Japan.

Young men of SGI-USA and SGI-Korea make a shared pledge to be victorious toward November 2018.

The focus is simple: Each member is striving to introduce one youth to the practice. SGI-Korea Youth Leader Jung Hwan Jeong said they have designated every Friday as a “Day of Friendship,” so members can focus on deepening bonds of friendship in the community and helping introduce others to SGI Buddhism. In support of these efforts, SGI-Korea closes their community centers and refrains from scheduling any activities on Fridays so that members can focus on developing friendships.

Awakening One Lion After Another

The “Day of Friendship” initiative has already spurred waves of hope. In 2017 alone, SGI-Korea has introduced more than 15,000 new members to the practice—successors who are standing up in faith, with a commitment to peace.

One member in her 80s chanted Nam-myoho-renge-kyo earnestly to introduce one youth to the SGI. From this prayer, she realized that the shuttle driver who picked her up for community senior activities was a young man. She engaged him in dialogue, learning about his hopes and dreams, and eventually helped him receive the Gohonzon. This young man was so appreciative of her compassion that he cooked her a traditional dish called Samgyetang, or ginseng chicken soup. Stories like this have swept the nation, inspiring many more members to introduce youth to the practice.

(pp. 28-29)