Humanism in Action in Brazil

From the 2017 Youth Training Course.

Young women of the SGI-USA and SGI-Brazil gather for an informal exchange in Tokyo, Japan, September 2017. Photo: Arthur Pugliese.

In January 2015, SGI-Brazil announced its long-term campaign called “Humanismo em Acao” (Humanism in Action), with a goal of introducing 50,000 people to the SGI to transform the lives of the people of Brazil. Since then, the Brazilian members have introduced 31,700 people to the practice.
SGI President Ikeda encourages the SGI-Brazil brass band and fife and drum corps during a visit to Brasilia in February 1984. Photo: Seikyo Press.

With an emphasis on the chapter level, each chapter has found its own rhythm, taking full responsibility for the campaign as standard-bearers entrusted “with the propagation of Buddhism in their province” (see “The Properties of Rice,” The Writings of Nichiren Daishonin, vol. 1, p. 1117).

All four divisions of the organization—including men, women, youth and future division members— are engaged in this effort, as each chapter strives to welcome 50 new members to the practice. So far, over 240 chapters have accomplished this goal. One chapter even welcomed 106 new members since January 2015!

The joy of propagation is spreading throughout Brazil as one member after another awakens many more Bodhisattvas of the Earth in their communities. This unstoppable momentum, based on the joy of helping others become happy, has inspired new members to immediately begin introducing their friends to the practice.

SGI-Brazil is determined to accomplish its goal to welcome 50,000 new members by February 2018, the 25th anniversary of President Ikeda’s fourth visit to Brazil in February 1993, as a towering and invincible champion of kosen-rufu.


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