Supporting Our Mentor’s Dream of American Kosen-rufu

Our Sustaining Contribution Program provides ongoing support, allowing members and the SGI-USA to budget ahead.

Photo: iStockphoto / Serg_Velusceac.

To the precious members of SGI-USA,

Thank you very much for everything that you are doing to support American kosen-rufu at this pivotal time.

I know how hard everyone has been fighting to expand our movement for peace, even while facing many personal challenges yourselves. Not only that— you have been supporting kosen-rufu’s advancement through your generous financial contributions, as well. SGI President Ikeda encourages us, saying, “No matter how great our problems or obstacles, by challenging them and turning them to our advantage, we can become stronger and develop further” (The Wisdom for Creating Happiness and Peace, Part 2, p. 65). He also writes, “Our Buddhist practice gives us the strength to live, to grow, to win and to surmount any kind of karma” (p. 63).

I believe that now, more than ever, people are searching for a means to transform their lives and surroundings. To empower people with the hope-filled philosophy of Buddhist humanism is at the heart of our expansion efforts.

Naturally, solid financial resources are an indispensable support for our efforts to expand the number of youthful bodhisattvas and hold our gatherings of “50,000 Lions of Justice.” Our Sustaining Contribution Program provides consistent, ongoing support throughout the year, allowing members and the SGI-USA to plan and budget ahead.

I hope that we can make many members aware of this simple, yet very meaningful way to make a wonderful cause for themselves and others.

Thank you again for your tremendous efforts. I will fight even harder to make President Ikeda’s dream for America come true, and will do my utmost to serve and support you, the extraordinary members of the SGI-USA.

With deepest appreciation,

Adin Strauss

SGI-USA General Director


(p. 9)