Why I Support the Millennium Fund

Kevin King discusses why he's committed to contributing to the financial foundation of the kosen-rufu movement and ensuring its expansion for years to come.

Heritage of peace— The Millennium Monument, at the Florida Nature and Culture Center, features panels of faith encouragement and includes the names of members who have supported the SGI-USA as Millennium Benefactors.

by Kevin King

My greatest benefit from the practice has been gaining a clearer vision of who I am and learning how to transform my negativity and weaknesses, based on the conviction that I am a Bodhisattva of the Earth with limitless potential.

If something stressful happens, I don’t have to succumb to fear and doubt anymore. I can confidently chant Nam-myoho-renge-kyo for the solution to flow from my own life. This means more to me than all of my material benefits.

Today, I’m taking responsibility as the four-divisional leader for Austin/Killeen Region, as well as the Central Territory LGBTQ Courageous Freedom men’s leader.

Through supporting members and introducing others to Buddhism over the past 31 years, I have developed tremendous capacity, heart and fortune in ways I never thought possible, including owning my own home, which I use for kosen-rufu activities.

On a fundamental level, my practice has enabled me to change my judgmental view of others. I now understand that everybody is valuable and worthy of respect, and I owe this beautiful way of life to SGI President Ikeda.

I’ve included the SGI-USA in my estate plans because I want to ensure that our kosen-rufu movement has a strong financial foundation to support its expansion long after I’m gone. I hope that others can join me as a member of the Millennium Legacy Society. As President Ikeda has said, “The task of building the foundation of the castle of the Law is in the hands of the current generation of SGI-USA members” (My Dear Friends in America, third edition, p. 6).

As I chant to grasp and deepen my understanding of President Ikeda’s profound vision for worldwide kosen-rufu, one thing that I know for certain is that the 2018 gathering of “50,000 Lions of Justice” is just the beginning of us “ushering in an era of hope and respect.” With my eyes fixed on 2018, 2030 and beyond, I will continue to do whatever I can to contribute to this great movement that supports the happiness of all humankind.


(p. 9)