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Protecting the Future of American Kosen-rufu

The SGI-USA's Millennium Fund and Millennium Legacy Society.

“Please advance steadily with the awareness that you are now building a foundation for the next thousand years of the kosen-rufu movement in the United States.” —SGI President Ikeda, from My Dear Friends in America, third edition, p. 6. Photo: Mary D'Elia.

The SGI-USA established the Millennium Fund to support and protect the financial future of the American kosen-rufu movement for generations to come. The Millennium Fund is a long-term investment fund, which provides financial resources for building purchases, leases, renovations and other expenses, while ensuring that our movement continues to serve as a beacon of hope for American society.

Where will Millennium funds come from?

The funds will come through members’ wills, trusts, retirement accounts, life insurance policies and other estate or legacy gifts. When received, these funds will be used to build the Millennium Fund over time. Some members have already named the SGI-USA a beneficiary in their estate or legacy plans, making a heartfelt commitment to help secure SGI-USA’s financial future.

How do I join the Millennium Legacy Society?

Individuals who have included the SGI-USA as a beneficiary in their legacy or estate plans are invited to join the Millennium Legacy Society, allowing the SGI-USA to express appreciation for this profound commitment. Millennium Legacy Society members will receive correspondence from the general director’s office, as well as a special certificate and pin. But most important, they can take pride in knowing that they are making a powerful cause to continue the advancement of kosen-rufu well beyond their lifetimes.

Please note: May Commemorative Contributions and Sustaining Contributions will continue to support the SGI-USA’s important needs and activities of today. In contrast, the SGI-USA Millennium Fund will provide resources to expand and protect our movement far into the future.

For information on the Millennium Legacy Society or to make legacy gifts, please contact the SGI-USA Director of Development Mary Oberman at:

SGI-USA Millennium Fund
606 Wilshire Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA, 90401
Phone: 310-260-8921

Thank you very much for your dedication to kosen-rufu and your multi-faceted contributions to the SGI-USA!


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