The Key to Raising “Lions of Justice”

Message from SGI-USA Youth Leader, David Witkowski.

by David Witkowski

Thank you in advance to all the kosen-rufu fighters of America for your dedicated support of the Young Men’s and Young Women’s General Meetings in July.

SGI President Ikeda often tells us that the key to raising capable people is to meet and talk with them, heart-to-heart. Based on this guidance, we want to raise many capable successors of kosen-rufu through our four-divisional campaign to home visit 20,000 youth by September.

With your support, more than 11,000 youth have been visited since the beginning of this year. That’s 11,000 lives that have been transformed through our united efforts to care for their happiness. Many of them have reawakened to their faith and practice, as a result.

In May, I accompanied two young men’s leaders on a home visit with a young man who had joined the SGI-USA in 2014 but hadn’t attended meetings in more than one year. We learned of his many struggles, including being a constant target of violence as a minority in the South. He expressed his anxiety and fears in a world that seemed against him. We chanted, talked and studied from Sensei’s “Sun of Jiyu” poem, helping him regain hope.

Soon after our visit, this young man attended his district discussion meeting and joined the Gajokai and Soka Group Academy, a young men’s behind-the-scenes training group. But perhaps even more important, the visit enabled all of us to develop profound bonds of friendship in a world where young people feel disempowered and isolated.

Our hope is that these 20,000 youth who will be visited by September will serve as the core of the 2018 gathering of 50,000 “Lions of Justice.” This movement is not just about reaching a goal; rather, through our united efforts to personally connect with each young person, we are raising one lion after another, who will transform society based on our mentor’s philosophy of humanism and respect for the dignity of life.

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