8000 Youth! YMD and YWD General Meetings on July 9 and July 15

“Lions of Justice” and “Warriors of Jiyu” will gather in July.

In a major milestone toward the “50,000 Lions of Justice” gathering next year, 8,000 young women and young men will gather across the nation in July for the YWD and YMD general meetings, which will include powerful experiences, passionate performances and profound Buddhist encouragement. Please let your respective line leaders know who will attend from your district.

Young Men’s General Meeting

On Sunday, July 9, 4,000 young men from across the SGI-USA will gather for the “ Lions of Justice” Young Men’s General Meeting.

For: Young men’s division members and young men guests
Date: July 9
Time: 9 a.m. HST / 12 p.m. PT / 1 p.m. MT /
2 p.m. CT / 3 p.m. ET

Locations: In various locations, ask your local organization

Young Women’s General Meeting

On Saturday, July 15, 4,000 young women from across the SGI-USA will gather for the “Warriors of Jiyu” Young Women’s General Meeting.

For: Young women’s division members and young women guests
Date: July 15
Time: 10 a.m. HST / 1 p.m. PT / 2 p.m. MT /
3 p.m. CT / 4 p.m. E

Locations: In various locations, ask your local organization


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