New Leadership Appointments

Youth Division

The SGI-USA has appointed two new national-level youth leaders:

Grady Tesch
SGI-USA Student Division
Young Men’s Leader
Photo: Liam Cummings.

Grady received the Gohonzon in 2013 and served as the SGI-USA campus club president at New York University from 2014–15. He graduated from NYU last year with a bachelor’s in jazz performance. He resides in Greenwich Village, New York, and works as a musician and teacher.

“I am deeply appreciative for the opportunity to fight alongside SGI President Ikeda during this precious time,” he said. “I am determined that we will greatly expand the network of Soka across campuses nationwide through our historic effort to introduce 1,000 students to the SGI this year! I am determined to help raise a wave of disciples from the young men’s student division who are awakened to their own mission for kosen-rufu and will be the driving force toward our gathering of 50,000 youth next year!”

Jennifer Wilmeth
SGI-USA Future Division
Young Women’s Leader
Photo: Yvonne Ng.

Jennifer was born into a family that practices SGI Nichiren Buddhism. She attended the University at Albany in New York and works as a filmmaker in her native Brooklyn.

“I’m determined,” she said, “to expand my creativity and compassion to ensure that each future division member feels SGI President Ikeda’s heart in every activity they do while creating lifelong friendships, in which they can be completely themselves and know they’re never alone, and for each future division member to develop immense appreciation for their parents and their own lives as well!”


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