Q: Why Do You Contribute Financially to the SGI-USA?

Thoughts from the protagonists of American kosen-rufu.

Photo: Bob Nardi.

Mayur Gupta
Chicago, Ill.

Over the years, following SGI President Ikeda’s guidance taught me that I could realize my professional dreams and build a harmonious family, as a husband and father, without compromising my efforts for kosen-rufu. Contributing financially to the SGI was crucial for me to break through my fundamental ignorance of my limitless potential, and understand the spirit of the oneness of mentor and disciple on a deeper level. This breakthrough has led to victories in all aspects of my life! I will continue to repay my debt of gratitude to the SGI, the Gohonzon and President Ikeda!

Photo: Martha Manzanares.

Clara Masako Fernandez
New Orleans, L.A.

After my mother’s death last year, I deepened my resolve to fight for kosen-rufu in the South out of my tremendous appreciation for the organization’s support and SGI President Ikeda’s encouragement. Without them, I wouldn’t have had the courage to face such challenges.
Out of deep gratitude, I’m challenging my circumstances to make a greater contribution than ever before and courageously open up my life’s unlimited potential, while inspiring others to do the same.

Photo: George Nakamura.

Paulette Daniele
Phoenix, Ariz.

I’m so grateful that my seniors in faith encouraged me to make financial contributions early in my practice. They said it’s one of the best causes to make in supporting world peace. I now feel there’s no better way to create value in my life. Through exerting myself in Buddhist practice, including participating in May Contribution, I overcame struggles with infertility and today have three amazing daughters! I’m honored to contribute to the SGI, an organization that gives hope to our youth for a better world.


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