Happy Mother’s Day

A message of appreciation from SGI-USA General Director.

To all the members of the SGI-USA Women’s Division, Glorious Mothers of Kosen-rufu,

Please accept my warm congratulations on the occasion of Mother’s Day 2017, along with my deepest appreciation for your selfless and unsparing efforts for kosen-rufu.

Day in and day out, the precious women of the SGI-USA are working behind the scenes, often unacknowledged, to support our members and organization. Please rest assured, as Nichiren Daishonin states, that “where there is unseen virtue, there will be visible reward” (The Writings of Nichiren Daishonin, vol. 1, p. 907). Even the smallest causes that you make to extend compassion and support to others will engrave tremendous benefit in your life—benefit that will definitely manifest in this and future lifetimes.

And the effect of your care on the lives of your comrades in faith is truly immeasurable. SGI President Ikeda states it this way in My Dear Friends in America:

“The Daishonin likens the selfless love of a mother for her offspring to the compassionate actions of a bodhisattva and the majestic power of the heavenly god Brahma . . .

“When sincere and beautiful affection, as symbolized in the passage by a mother’s love, is nurtured by faith in the Mystic Law, we can elevate our state of life to that of a bodhisattva or a Buddha.” (p. 65)

Please always bear in mind that the underpinnings of our historic movement to gather 50,000 youth in 2018 are the discussion meetings, home visits and guidance that we engage in right now—this week and this month—to nurture the life of that single youth right before us.

The Daishonin further encourages us that “One is the mother of ten thousand” (“A Sage and an Unenlightened Man,” WND-1, 131). With this as our watchword, I ask the mothers of kosen-rufu to advance in beautiful unity with one another, and with the men, young men and young women, to bring about a new era of peace and respect for the dignity of life in our communities and country.

Thank you!

Adin Strauss
SGI-USA General Director


(p. 9)