The America Victory Daimoku Group

SGI-USA women establish chanting group toward 2018.

Photo: Mary D'Elia.

by Akemi Bailey-Haynie

During the recent SGI training course in Japan, we received encouragement from SGI Women’s Leader Yumiko Kasanuki to mobilize the women’s division to specifically pray for the total victory of our movement to gather 50,000 youth in 2018, and to fulfill SGI President Ikeda’s vision for American kosen-rufu.

With that, I’m happy to announce the SGI-USA women’s division has formed a new group to spearhead the advancement of American kosen-rufu with strong waves of determined prayer:

The America Victory Daimoku Group

Congratulations! The purpose of this group is to enable women’s division members to gather together to chant Nam-myoho-renge-kyo for limitless victory toward Nov. 18, 2018, together with Sensei and Mrs. Ikeda. We are determined that our prayer will serve as the backbone to guarantee that our youth soar into the future, securing the peace of the land!

President Ikeda encourages us:

Prayer is the determination to accomplish one’s goal without fail; it is a pledge, a vow. Never forget that as long as women have such resolve in their hearts, the path to a brilliant future will open. (Shine Like the Morning Sun, p. 153)

The ultimate objective of the America Victory Daimoku Group is to chant for the victory, happiness and advancement of all the members throughout America, based on each of us taking full responsibility with a stand-alone spirit rooted in the oneness of mentor and disciple. Our unshakable belief is that the antidote to society’s suffering lies in awakening thousands upon thousands of Bodhisattvas of the Earth committed to generating unstoppable courage and respect for the lives of all people.

Together with Sensei and Mrs. Ikeda, let’s make this a reality within our lifetime.


Who is part of the America Victory Daimoku Group?

This activity is open to all women’s division members. The young women and any member of the Many Treasures Group is welcome to join as well.

At what level should these meetings be held?

Each zone can decide when and on what level the chanting sessions can be held—the chapter, region or zone level—so that it is most feasible and convenient for members to participate.

How frequently should this activity be held?

The chanting sessions can be held monthly, twice a month or weekly. For example, a chapter may decide to meet every other Tuesday, while Many Treasures Group members may decide to meet weekly during the day. The important thing is to include this activity on the monthly calendar that is distributed to the members.

Do we need to appoint leaders for this group?

No, it’s not necessary. These chanting sessions can be coordinated and supported by the leaders on the level that they are being held. Your support is greatly appreciated. Thank you very much in advance!