The Great Joy of Home Visits

Nichole Douglas and Jeff Foster share incredible stories of one-to-one dialogues with their fellow members.


Nichole Douglas
Rocky Mountain Zone Young Women’s Leader

IMG_4181Based on SGI President Ikeda’s guidance about the importance of friendship, I set out to personally get to know each young woman in Rocky Mountain Zone through home visits. Wanting them to feel that they are truly cared for in the SGI, I chant Nam-myoho-renge-kyo before each home visit to expand my capacity and wisdom to earn their trust and respect so I can encourage them on behalf of Sensei. One young woman I visited was struggling with health issues and became depressed. Through chanting and studying Sensei’s guidance together with her, she was able to overcome her health issues and became active in her district. She’s now the district young women’s leader and is encouraging her friend to receive the Gohonzon! I have made it my mission to help each person I interact with know the value of their life through recognizing their inherent Buddhahood.


Jeff Foster
L.A. North Coast Lion’s Roar Zone Young Men’s Leader

seanOne of the greatest joys of taking on leadership in the SGI is doing home visits and developing new friendships. I always leave home visits with a stronger determination and life force! Recently, I met with a student division member together with his chapter young men’s leader. This student struggled to understand math in school, but through challenging it head-on with his Buddhist practice, he is now in a graduate program to become a math teacher. His victory reaffirmed my own convictions. Then, the three of us made fresh determinations together. This is the actualization of comradeship!

SGI-USA’s 50,000 Home Visit Tracker

As part of the effort to inspire and raise many capable youth toward the historic gathering of 50,000 youth nationwide in 2018, the SGI-USA youth have boldly determined to visit 20,000 young people by September 2017, with visits being conducted by leaders of all four divisions.

To support this goal, the SGI-USA has released a new way to track home visits online for unit through national leaders at www.sgi-usa.org/home-visit.

We encourage all four-divisional leaders to join the youth in reporting any heartfelt, one-to-one interactions. The key is the heart and sincerity with which we encourage members, not the format of the visit.

Home visit

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