May Contribution

Contributing As Heroes of Kosen-rufu

Message from SGI-USA General Director Adin Strauss.

Photo: Debra Williams.

Adin-Strauss_DSC1624Thank you very much for your dedicated efforts to advance kosen-rufu by offering your time and talents, and by supporting the SGI-USA with your financial contributions. I know that you are working extremely hard while battling against all kinds of obstacles. I truly cannot thank you enough.

We are practicing with SGI President Ikeda at a remarkable time—a time when he has asked us to work hard with him in this two-year period to complete his life’s work. Let’s determine to make history with President Ikeda now, by vastly expanding our movement and achieving a brilliant victory over every challenge we face.

Naturally, members’ contributions are essential to support our expansion, and to attract and support the practice of 50,000 youth. At this time when so many people in society feel hopeless and divided, we must build our movement into a powerful force for good. This makes our May Contribution activity especially important this year.

At this time when so many people in society feel hopeless and divided, we must build our movement into a powerful force for good.

Recently, we have succeeded in reaching well over a million people with our newly updated and and “Buddhist in America” videos. We want to further expand our content and presence in social media to reach many more people with our message of hope, while supporting many new and ongoing activities, Buddhist Centers and projects.

Nanjo Tokimitsu, Shijo Kingo, the Lay Nun Ueno and other brave followers provided crucial support to Nichiren Daishonin, helping to sustain him as he spread his teachings. Like those heroes of the past, let’s challenge ourselves to do our best to support kosen-rufu and ensure its eternal flow into the future. And because this is a powerful and important cause, it cannot fail to create benefit in our lives and the lives of all who participate. We can be 100 percent confident about this.

As President Ikeda has written:

The offerings and financial contributions the organization solicited were exclusively to accomplish the Daishonin’s mandate to widely propagate the Mystic Law. Offerings made toward this end were equivalent to offerings made to the original Buddha. There was, then, no greater offering, no greater good. Certainly, nothing could bring greater benefit.” (The New Human Revolution, vol. 4, p. 115)

Let’s use this May Contribution activity as an opportunity to deepen our understanding of the Buddhist spirit of offerings and determine to have wonderful experiences in faith. And let’s ensure that everyone has this opportunity to make another great cause to transform their lives and the world we live in.

Thank you again for everything that you do. You have my deepest respect and appreciation.