“Shine Like the Morning Sun” Now in Bookstores

New book of SGI President Ikeda’s encouragement to women.

Shine Like the Morning Sun: Essays for Women, the Mothers of Kosen-rufu is now available in SGI-USA bookstores for $9.95.

SGI-USA Women’s Leader Akemi Bailey-Haynie is calling on all the women’s division members throughout the country to use SGI President Ikeda’s new book “as the basis for deepening their faith and their spirit of the oneness of mentor and disciple to overcome all weaknesses,” she said. “Let us all ‘shine like the morning sun,’ illuminating our homes, families, workplaces, relationships and organizations!”

Mrs. Bailey-Haynie encourages each woman and young woman to learn from President Ikeda’s essay “The Peerless Women of Soka” as well as his “Messages for Peace” to the SGI Women’s Peace Conference, held from 2014–16. “Let us capture the importance of responding to our mentor’s expectation for all of us to live out the 2017 women’s theme and ‘Be the Sun of Peace, Hope and Happiness!’ ”

The book is also available online at or by calling 800-626- 1313.



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