The Great Joy of Home Visits

Advancing toward our gathering of 50,000 determined youth in 2018.


Lillian I
North Zone Young Women’s Leader • BOSTON

“This year, I promised SGI President Ikeda that I would home visit many young women so they could awaken to their profound mission as Bodhisattvas of the Earth, who help everyone around them become Buddhas through this practice. Together with the women’s leaders, I began focusing on those who have not attended meetings in a while due to their busy schedules. One young woman we visited was so inspired that she is now texting me about visits that she is doing! I realized that visiting members is the best way to expand our network of friendship and the Buddha’s forces for peace and happiness!”

Siddhanth Paralkar
Arizona Region Young Men’s Leader • TEMPE, ARIZ.

“After a visit with a young man who was struggling tremendously, he determined to start attending SGI meetings again. I visited another young man who had not participated in activities for a while. A few of us dropped by his house and learned that he was juggling two jobs and couldn’t come out to meetings. He was happy to see us and told us that he had been chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo and studying all along, and now has weekends off to attend his district activities.”




(p. 9)