Many Treasures Group Guidelines

Let’s offer an example of “victorious faith” in 2017.

Photo: Emmanuelle Takahashi.

Over the next two years, let’s embody SGI President Ikeda’s guidance: “Please promise with me to work hard over the next two years with our fellow members around the world to expand our network of Bodhisattvas of the Earth, and forge ahead with energy, wisdom and good cheer to make the triumph of mentor and disciple resound into the eternal future of the Latter Day of the Law” (Oct. 7, 2016, World Tribune, p. 3).

Many Treasures is a group made up of all members 65 years and older, regardless of their length of practice. Our guidelines are:

1) Each member to maintain good health and longevity.
2) Each member to participate in discussion meetings.
3) Each member to create an environment filled with mutual support and encouragement.

Based on the 4 Pillars of Kosen-rufu—discussion meetings, shakubuku, study and personal guidance—we are determined that every Many Treasures Group member:

1) participates in their monthly district study and discussion meetings;
2) introduces one youth to the practice and ensures they take the SGI-USA Introductory Exam; and
3) chants to ensure the victory of the 50,000 youth gathering in 2018.


We recommend that Many Treasures Group meetings be held on the zone level at local SGI-USA Buddhist centers and be clearly based on Soka Gakkai Nichiren Buddhism. They should occur no more frequently than quarterly and be held during the Thursday through Sunday period in months with a fifth weekend:

• April 27–30     • July 27–30     • Oct. 26–29

Please invite a zone through national level line leader to share closing encouragement. Where large distances exist, it may be more appropriate to have meetings at the region level or connecting via teleconference.

Photo: Jim Cleghorn.
Photo: Jim Cleghorn.

Many Treasures Group members are invited to schedule regular chanting sessions on a weekly basis to support organizational goals, such as shakubuku, promoting the SGI-USA publications, peace in the community and victory of the gathering of 50,000 youth in 2018.


Please encourage participation and early registration for the two Many Treasures Group Conferences:

• Japanese Language April 28–May 1
• Japanese/English Dec. 1–4.

For more information please visit:

SGI President Ikeda writes of our mission as Many Treasures Group members: “What is the purpose of life, and living long in particular? It is to strive for our mission of kosen-rufu. Therefore, let us exert ourselves earnestly in faith, which is the key to good health and long life, until the end of our days!

“Shining as brightly as the sun, let us also offer a fine example of ‘victorious faith’ to the youth who will follow in our footsteps!” (Jan. 28, 2005, Seikyo Shimbun).


(p. 4)