The Great Joy of Home Visits

Advancing toward our gathering of 50,000 determined youth in 2018.

Robert Wright

Chicago Central Region Young Men’s Leader • CHICAGO

WT-02-17-17_final_1_copyI recently visited a young man who hasn’t attended meetings in two years because of his busy work schedule. I had been chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo that somehow I could meet him. After numerous phone calls, we met at his house, and he had a few basic questions about the practice. After our heart-to-heart dialogue, he decided to come to a young men’s meeting the following week and also his district discussion meeting! I’m determined to visit more and more young men so that none of them miss out on this precious time with SGI President Ikeda!


Liz Seward

San Fernando Valley North Hollywood Region Young Women’s Leader • NORTH HOLLYWOOD, CALIF.

WT-02-17-17_final_10“I strive to make home visits the focus of my activities. My goal is to always connect young women to the Gohonzon and SGI President Ikeda, whose encouragement will enable them to win in life. Recently, I met with a young woman who was struggling with a relationship and after our visit, she determined to win through faith. Now, we text Sensei’s guidance to each other every day, so that we can break through together.”


Seongkon Kang

Queens Region Young Men’s Leader • NEW YORK

WT-02-17-17_final_10_kang“I recently visited a young man who was struggling to do activities with a busy work schedule. I grabbed dinner with him, and he determined to do more activities as a cause for his happiness. He decided to wake up earlier every morning, so that he could do gongyo before work, and he is already expanding his capacity! I’m determined that none of the young men’s division members miss out on this golden time to advance kosen-rufu with our mentor, SGI President Ikeda!”



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