Chapter Power!

Kickoffs electrify front lines toward 50,000 goal.

Houston, Texas. Photo: Raul Teran.

Youth are the treasure of humanity.
Youth are the champions of justice.
Youth are the hope of the future.

With these words, SGI President Ikeda shared in his New Year’s message the SGI’s tradition of shining a spotlight on the youth.

In this Year of Developing Youth in the New Era of Worldwide Kosen-rufu, the members of the SGI-USA made a powerful running start with hundreds of vibrant chapter kickoff meetings across the country, centered on fostering youthful successors and introducing many others to the life-affirming practice of SGI Nichiren Buddhism.

The SGI-USA has made chapter empowerment its focus as we advance toward Nov. 18, 2018, and the gathering of 50,000 youth to take a stand for the dignity of life (see Jan. 13 World Tribune).

For more on the chapter kickoffs, see East Bronx & Northeast Los Angeles Chapter profiles. Meanwhile, please enjoy these kickoff meeting photos from around the country!


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