What’s New?

Check out new SGI-USA resources for refreshing and strengthening our own Buddhist practice while sharing Buddhism with others.

WL-2e1p-cover-101116.inddThe Winning Life

It was time for an update. After nearly 1 million copies sold, and 10 years since the last redesign, The Winning Life has received, well, a new life.

This small pamphlet has long been a member favorite for sharing Nichiren Buddhism with friends. With short chapters on what the practice is, how it works and where it comes from, The Winning Life provides just enough for people to get an idea of what the SGI is all about.

With this redesign, we’ve kept all the best parts, made some changes here and there, and added a new frequently asked questions chapter in the back. But the biggest change is the design itself. Thanks to some whimsical illustrations, photographs and other graphic elements, the rich content is now much more accessible and easy to consume.

TWL-interior-102716-from-ShannonWith the Year of Developing Youth upon us, as we head toward the historic gathering of 50,000 youth in 2018, we hope The Winning Life will be an even more trusted resource for spreading the hope that is our Buddhist practice.

Available at SGI-USA bookstores and online at for $1.


The SGI-USA App Is Here, and It’s Awesome!

IMG_4542The SGI-USA has introduced a new smart phone application—now available for free through Apple’s app store. Its many exciting features include:

A daimoku counter. Keep track of how many times you chant Nam-myoho-renge-kyo over the course of your day, month or year.

An electronic liturgy book that includes a digital bell and an audio aid for guests and new members to learn gongyo.

The ability to create campaigns. Are you chanting with a specific goal in mind? This app allows you to write down your determinations and track the amount you chant toward that goal.

Easy access to study resources. You can access The Writings of Nichiren Daishonin, World Tribune and Living Buddhism, SGI President Ikeda’s daily encouragement “To My Friends,” “Buddhist in America” YouTube series and more.

The SGI-USA is currently developing an Android version, which will be available soon.


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