50,000 Lions of Justice Festival

Develop a Core of Youth in the Chapter

Advancing toward our gathering of 50,000 determined youth in 2018.

Photo: Yvonne Ng.

Q: How do I connect the goal of 50,000 to my own local organization and Buddhist practice?

At the local level, it means to develop a core of committed youth in every chapter.

For each of us, it starts with us helping one youth stand up in faith this year. This includes encouraging youth members who may have become disconnected from the organization to restart their practice and introducing many other youth to the hope-filled world of the SGI.

Q: What do we mean by a core?

In his essay “Expanding the Ranks of Our Youth,” SGI President Ikeda writes of when he was appointed leader of the First Corps: “Many new members were quickly leaving the organization; all the efforts involved in introducing them to Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism were negated by the poor follow-up in providing them the necessary encouragement and guidance in the early stages of their practice.

“This troubled me. Every young person who decides to start practicing Nichiren Buddhism does so out of a serious interest in learning about the philosophy. Those who left so soon had not yet had the chance to experience the wonderful benefits of the Mystic Law. They hadn’t learned about our remarkable teacher, Josei Toda. And they didn’t have a chance to learn of the profound mission of the Soka Gakkai youth division. For them to stop practicing without knowing any of this was, I felt, a tragedy. And so I set out on an earnest struggle to create an alliance of capable individuals united in spirit with our mentor, Mr. Toda” (July 2016 Living Buddhism, pp. 13–14).

Q: How can I help develop this core?

Set an attendance goal each month.

Throughout the country, in an effort to more accurately gauge the current strength of the youth in our local organizations toward the 50,000 youth gathering in 2018, every chapter will focus on increasing youth attendance at designated SGI-USA activities (see below), striving each month to surpass the previous month’s attendance.

Chapters will measure youth attendance at the following activities in 2017, aiming to surpass attendance from the month before.
  • FEB.
    Discussion Meeting
  • MAR.
    Champions of the New Era
  • APR.
    Home Visits
  • MAY
    Discussion Meeting
  • JUNE
    Home Visits
  • JULY
    YMD & YWD General Meetings
  • AUG.
    Discussion Meeting
  • SEPT.
    Champions of the New Era
  • OCT.
    Home Visits
  • NOV.
    Discussion Meeting
  • DEC.
    YMD & YWD General Meetings


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