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Ikeda Wisdom Academy: November 2016

Review for the Ikeda Wisdom Academy Exam II


Ikeda Wisdom Academy is an SGI-USA Youth Division movement to engage youth leaders in advanced study.

Workbook Questions From
The Wisdom of the Lotus Sutra, vol. 4

IWA Workbook 2016The following are questions from the Ikeda Wisdom Academy Exam II Workbook, which was sent to participants who registered to take the exam. The reference pages after each question indicate where the answer can be found in volume 4 of The Wisdom of the Lotus Sutra.

Question #5

SGI President Ikeda says, “The oneness of mentor and disciple is in fact the essence of both the Lotus Sutra and the ‘Life Span’ chapter” (p. 30). What was the impact of Shakyamuni’s deification after his death in regard to the relationship between mentor and disciple? (29–33)

Question #12

In the “Life Span” chapter, Shakyamuni states that: “It has been immeasurable, boundless hundreds, thousands, ten thousands, millions of nayutas of kalpas since I in fact attained Buddhahood” (The Lotus Sutra and Its Opening and Closing Sutras, pp. 265–66). Here, the “I” literally refers to Shakyamuni but implicitly it refers to ________________________.What does this mean practically for those awakened to the “Life Span” chapter? (pp. 75–78)

Question #35

Explain the relationship between one’s basic life tendency, attaining Buddhahood, and kosen-rufu. How do we establish Buddhahood as our basic life tendency? (pp. 216–19)

Question #43

The seventh and final parable in the Lotus Sutra is titled “the parable of the excellent physician and his sick children.” What does each of the following represent? (p. 39 and pp. 283–86)

The excellent physician: _______________

The highly effective medicine: _______________

The children who refuse to drink the medicine: _______________

Briefly describe the parable.

New York. Photo: Yvonne Ng.
New York. Photo: Yvonne Ng.


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“There are no grades or distinctions among people. We are all equal, we are all equally Buddhas. The only difference among people has to do with whether, or the extent to which, we realize this in our hearts. From the standpoint of Buddhism, that is the only meaningful distinction.”

—SGI President Ikeda
The Wisdom of the Lotus Sutra, vol. 4, p. 186

Ikeda Wisdom Academy Exam II Guidelines

> Be district through national youth leaders.
> Have passed the SGI-USA Introductory Exam
> Be registered for the exam at www.sgi-usa.org