Introductory Exam Workbook

A special pullout workbook included in the September 2016 Living Buddhism.

Study for victory—Participants take the SGI-USA Introductory Exam, Los Angeles. Photo: Gerry Hall

From Oct. 22–30, the 2016 Introductory Exam will be offered for SGI-USA members and guests who have not taken or passed the exam in previous years. The exam will cover the content of the book An Introduction to Buddhism.

To help members prepare for the exam, the “Introductory Exam Workbook,” containing 40 sample questions, is available as a special pullout in the September 2016 Living Buddhism. The exam questions will be based on these 40 questions.

For information regarding the specific times and locations of the exam, contact your local organization.

Intro Exam BookletThe September 2016 Living Buddhism includes an “Introductory Exam Workbook” pullout. Subscribe online at: or call: 1(855)744-2030




IntroBookletRevisedAn Introduction to Buddhism

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