Bodhisattvas Emerge!

In August, scores of capable people join the SGI-USA’s movement for world peace.

Countless human dramas unfolded when a surge of capable people across the country joined the SGI-USA’s movement for world peace in August, the month when we commemorate SGI President Ikeda joining the Soka Gakkai on Aug. 24, 1947.

In his essay “The Vow of August 24,” President Ikeda writes of the mission of the Bodhisattvas of the Earth, who appear in the Lotus Sutra and vow to enable all people to become equal to the Buddha, without distinction between them: “In a broader sense, they are hope-filled individuals who vibrantly emerge from the earth of the ordinary people—individuals who, even amid the darkest confusion and chaos, continue to believe in the positive potential of humanity and the ultimate triumph of truth and justice.

“Precisely because of the growing sense of powerlessness and deadlock that characterizes the present times, we need to awaken to and summon forth our inner life force as Bodhisattvas of the Earth” (Oct. 21, 2011, World Tribune, p. 5).


(pp. 6–8)