Publications Launch

The “Voice of Courage and Hope” goes live on Aug. 15, the newspaper’s 52nd birthday.


by Greg Martin

Thanks to the support of SGI-USA members around the country, the World Tribune is celebrating its 52nd birthday with an exciting development. On Aug. 15, we will launch a dynamic new website featuring both publications, World Tribune and Living Buddhism, at

What can you expect?

• The user-friendly site will include current and archived World Tribune and Living Buddhism material in an easy-to- search format.

• Content will be posted daily, including videos, interviews and more.

• The site is mobile- and tablet-friendly.

• All the content is shareable on social media.

• Visitors can read five free articles per month before requiring a subscription.

• Subscribers can keep their pulse on the SGI-USA’s activities through a weekly email newsletter.

• PressReader, the publication’s current digital news service, will remain available during the transition.

In his message marking the 50th anniversary of the World Tribune, which debuted on Aug. 15, 1964, SGI President Ikeda shared how Nichiren Daishonin’s disciples gathered to read and re-read his letters and relay the content to others, as they carried out the Buddha’s work of sharing Buddhism with those around them.

“Today, in the same manner, we study the World Tribune at discussion meetings and on our own, and we freely share with our family and friends the greatness of Buddhism and the inspiration we gain from faith,” President Ikeda continued. “In so doing, we advance in our efforts to carry out the Buddha’s work of kosen-rufu” (Sept. 5, 2014, World Tribune, p. 1).

In this Year of Expansion, it is our hope that can serve as a powerful “Voice of Courage and Hope” in your efforts to spread the humanistic and life-affirming philosophy of Buddhism with many more people here in the U.S. and around the world.

(p. 8)