An Improved World Tribune

A new printer for your Voice of Courage and Hope.

by Greg Martin

Starting with this issue, we’re pleased to announce that the World Tribune and Living Buddhism have switched both its printing and mailing operations to Chicago-based RR Donnelley.

Why move to a new vendor? In 2014, thanks to your great support, the publications surpassed 50,000 subscribers. It became clearer then that we needed a company that could provide both mailing and printing services to a growing audience, while at the same time improving our shipping time to readers.

Why RR Donnelley? As one of the largest printing companies in the U.S., it has a vast network of printing facilities and a much more efficient mailing operation. The Midwest facility where our publications will be printed, for example, has four U.S. Postal Service employees in-house to assist and troubleshoot our deliveries. This means faster delivery of the publications across the country.

What are the other benefits? By combining our printing and mailing operations, we’ll save a significant sum that can be passed on to readers through added features and services. For instance, the publications will launch a new and improved online news site on Aug. 15, the World Tribune’s birthday.

The World Tribune will also be printed on a heat-set press, which bakes the ink into the paper. This means brighter images and no ink residue on your hands.

Also, your publications will arrive in a polybag, which will better protect them during mailing.

This is a big change for us. We look forward to continually improving the quality of our publications, which serve as SGI President Ikeda’s personal letter to each of you. We thank you for your continued support.


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