It’s Future Division Month!

Everything you need to know to celebrate.

Photo: Dan Graham.

“I trust all of you. I live for your happiness, for your future. You are the hope of humanity. Each of you is hope itself.” —SGI President Ikeda, from Discussions on Youth, new edition, p. xi

The precious and irreplaceable members of the future division represent humanity’s future. It is for this reason that SGI President Ikeda has poured his energies into fostering them into genuine leaders of the 21st century who are friends to the suffering.

Photo: Hoss McBain.
Photo: Hoss McBain.

With high hopes for their development, President Ikeda established the high school division in Japan on June 7, 1964, and the junior high school division on Jan. 15, 1965. On Sept. 23, 1965, he formed the elementary school division. Together, these groups form today’s future division.

Since their growth and activities are in themselves kosen-rufu, the SGI-USA each June celebrates Future Division Month to reconfirm their leading role in advancing kosen-rufu and world peace.

Some ways to empower our young successors this month:

Future Division-Focused Discussion Meetings

June is the month when district discussion meetings are geared toward welcoming future division members and their friends. This starts with planning a faith topic for discussion that all people, including those in the future division, would enjoy. Future division members can participate in creative ways, such as:

Photo: Raymond Best
Photo: Raymond Best

• serving as emcee
• leading gongyo
• sharing a faith experience
• providing an explanation or preparing a skit to introduce Buddhism to guests
• making a musical presentation
• bringing a friend or family member

Future Division Graduations

Photo: Kingmond Young.
Photo: Kingmond Young.

When a future division member completes elementary school, junior high/middle school or high school, it’s cause for celebration! SGI-USA graduation certificates can be presented to them at June world peace prayer meetings, future division activities or district meetings to acknowledge these important milestones.

Check These Out!

The following new books are available at SGI-USA bookstores, online at http://bookstore.sgi-usa.org or by calling 1-800-626-1313.


SGI_Teen_Cvr_r11.inddThe Victorious Teen: Buddhist Advice for Dealing With What Life Throws at You by Daisaku Ikeda SKU #323972, $12.95




Discussions on Youth: For the Leaders of the Future by Daisaku Ikeda SKU #317849, $9.95



Soar-Into-Skies-cover-111415.inddSoar Into the Skies of Hope (For ages 8–12) by Daisaku Ikeda SKU #6177, $8.95



SGI_Chanting Is Fun_FC_RGBChanting Is Fun! (For ages 3–5) Published by Treasure Tower Books SKU #6176, $6.95




Happy Parents, Happy Kids: Parenting Advice for the Twenty-First Century by Daisaku Ikeda SKU #323550, $8.95

Calling All Future Leaders!

It’s time to register for future division summer conferences!

Photo: George Nakamura.
Photo: George Nakamura.

June 24—27
Junior High and High School Conference
Soka University of America
Aliso Viejo, California

July 15—18
Elementary School Division #1 Conference (with parents/guardians)
Florida Nature and Culture Center
Weston, Florida

July 22—25
Elementary School Division #2 Conference (with parents/guardians)
Florida Nature and Culture Center
Weston, Florida

To register, contact your local zone office or visit www.sgi-usa.org/fncc. Members can also sign up online at https://portal.sgi-usa.org.

SGI-USA Future Division

WT 05-20-16_TBFJ32Notice something different? Starting with this issue, Trailblazers and Future Journal will be folded into the main pages of the World Tribune, so that everyone can easily find encouragement and experiences geared toward the members of the elementary school division, and junior high and high school division. In the first World Tribune issue of every month, pages 2–3 will be dedicated to President Ikeda’s guidance to the two divisions, while page 8 will spotlight elementary school division members and page 9 junior high and high school division members. Get ready to be inspired by our messengers of the future!