Into the Future

How contributions support SGI-USA’s advancement in 2020, 2030 and beyond.

Happiness central—South Zone members in front of their castle of the new era of worldwide kosen-rufu, Atlanta, April 5, 2014. Photo: Masayuki Tsujimura.

SGI President Ikeda has expressed his expectations for the SGI-USA many times saying, “If the organization in America is solid both in terms of its movement for kosen-rufu and its position in society, the world can rest at ease . . . your very existence is the hope of all humankind” (My Dear Friends in America, third edition, p. 491).

Many SGI-USA members have asked themselves what they can do, individually and collectively, to help to realize President Ikeda’s vision for America. Now, as SGI-USA prepares for the launch of its May Commemorative Contribution activity, here are some of the SGI-USA’s plans for the future and ways in which members’ contributions will support the advancement of kosen-rufu in the United States. Thank you for everything that you are doing to support and strengthen our kosen-rufu movement for the sake of America and the world!

Goal: Continue to support and build upon SGI-USA’s many activities and special events.

Now and in the future: Together, we look forward to creating wonderful SGI-USA festivals, cultural activities, special events and many heartfelt gatherings of all sizes to encourage everyone to further develop their courage and capability, and achieve victory in all aspects of their lives.

Goal: Create new encouraging books, exhibitions and study curricula, rooted in the value-creating philosophy of Soka.

Access to encouraging study materials is vital to help individuals learn about and progress vigorously in their Buddhist practice.

Now and in the future: SGI-USA will be increasing the number of books, including ebooks, available for adults and children of all ages. There will be new historical exhibitions and other displays that increase individuals’ understanding of the SGI, Nichiren Buddhism and the three founding Soka Gakkai presidents, as well as new study curricula and programs.

Goal: Make the values of Nichiren Buddhism part of mainstream American society.

Imagine a world in which millions of Americans subscribe to SGI-USA’s publications and benefit from viewing the world’s problems and their own problems from the value-creating perspective of Nichiren Buddhism.

In the future: SGI-USA would like to develop the capacity to produce wide-ranging print publications and real-time online articles, videos and experiences that appeal to members and non-members alike.

Goal: Acquire new and expanded Buddhist Centers for SGI-USA’s growing membership.

Thanks to your sincere and generous contributions, SGI-USA has been able to add new facilities and expand many existing centers to provide safe, comfortable and appealing centers in many locations across the country, including 11 new facilities currently in the works.

In the future: As SGI-USA’s membership increases and resources expand, your contributions will make it possible to actualize plans to open a Buddhist center dedicated to each region, and, eventually, have a center located in every state to serve more members and communities.