A Peace Concert With the Navy Band

Art and Music

CHICAGO, Jan. 24—The Navy Band Great Lakes music group Horizon performed at the International Artists for Peace Concert, a public celebration held at the SGI-USA Chicago Culture Center. Concertgoers of all ages rose to their feet, clapping and dancing to the music.

Horizon comprises nine active duty sailors, who are also professional musicians. They travel throughout the Midwest region performing rock, pop, rhythm and blues, country, funk and jazz.

Liberty Call, the Navy Band Great Lakes Show Band, headlined last year’s Peace Concert on Jan. 25 at the Chicago Culture Center. That performance followed a ceremony in which a quarter-mile stretch of Wabash Avenue in downtown Chicago was named honorary “Daisaku Ikeda Way.” For those who attended those events, this year’s concert was a chance to relive the excitement of that day while sharing their joy and pride with the many guests who attended.