What Would You Like to Share With Your District?

Impressions from the North America and Oceania Study Conference at the Florida Nature and Culture Center.

Photos by Marco Giannavola and Yvonne Ng.

Photos by Marco Giannavola and Yvonne Ng.

Susie Reva
San Diego, Calif.

Creating the unity of “many in body, one in mind” starts with me! It starts with my utmost efforts to engage in dialogue and build strong bonds with those around me. It means to gain a sincere understanding of the inner struggles others are facing and to treasure each other as we challenge our human revolution. Human kind is at a turning point; time is of the essence to advance kosen-rufu.

Holley Schmidlapp_YNG_001

Holley Faye Schmidlapp
Wichita, Kan.

I am really inspired now to transform my district into an eternally shining palace of happiness through a humanistic view of living the Lotus Sutra and having boundless appreciation for one another’s potential.

Dennis Young_MG8_7965

Dennis Young
Baltimore, MD.

I want to convey to all the members in the district President Ikeda’s heart, which is nothing but having the tremendous courage to introduce others to Buddhism so that they can become happy!

Taj Richards_MG8_8030

Taj Richards
Teaneck, N.J.

I want to connect more deeply with my mentor, SGI President Ikeda, through his guidance and carry on his legacy for advancing peace through my united efforts with other youth. One way to do this is to help others around me establish a connection with this profound practice so that they can transform their lives and become happy.

Junko Hisano_YNG_002

Junko Hisano
Chicago, ILL.

Now is the time for the youth to stand in the vanguard and carry out kosen-rufu with the same spirit as President Ikeda. The lectures on Nichiren Daishonin’s writings about human dignity and the lineage of Nichiren Buddhism reinforced for me that our mentor has passed the baton to us, the youth—from mentor to disciple—to ensure kosen-rufu into the future.

Kwan Luu_MG8_8023

Kwan Luu
Torrance, Calif.

The Lotus Sutra will open your hearts and minds. Study deeply and appreciate all those around you with every breath, and don’t forget to be a great friend to that one person who is suffering the most. Buddhism will free your mind!