Student Division Introduces Online Registration

The first step to building a network of students.

Seeking minds—SGI-USA youth at the student division rally “Awakening to Your Mission Changes You,” Los Angeles, Feb. 20. Photo: Robert Fisher.

by Maya Ono

Two major reports last year called attention to the high rates of sexual assault and suicide on U.S. college campuses. This brings to light the critical need for a fundamental transformation in the hearts of students, the future leaders and intellectuals of society.

“Become truly dedicated leaders of society, builders of peace and victorious champions of justice.”

SGI-USA student division members see a powerful solution in their campus club activities, which illuminate the power and dignity of all life based on deepening faith in and spreading the humanistic teachings of Nichiren Buddhism. As a first step to building such a network of students, the SGI-USA has introduced the Student Division Registration. The initiative enables students to receive greater support and care in their Buddhist practice, including connecting them more quickly to SGI-USA districts and student campus clubs, and providing them with information on upcoming conferences and events.

How can you register?

Students can either register themselves, or be registered by their local leaders or their parents by:

• texting the student’s full name to 702-800-2959, or

• visiting

SGI President Ikeda has said to the student division members: “I hope you will become truly dedicated leaders of society, builders of peace and victorious champions of justice. I hope you will become capable individuals firmly imbued with the Soka Gakkai spirit who are active and successful in every field of endeavor. For unless that happens, kosen-rufu will remain an empty dream” (Aug. 3, 2007, World Tribune, p. 3).

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