Interfaith Group Honors SGI President

South Coast Interfaith Council presents award at its annual dinner in Long Beach, Calif.

Interfaith—SGI-USA Long Beach Region representatives attend the South Coast Interfaith Council dinner, Long Beach, Calif., Nov. 15. Photo: Debra Williams.

The South Coast Interfaith Council presented its Unity Award to SGI President and Mrs. Ikeda at its annual dinner, held Nov. 15 in Long Beach, California. Yoshiko Kadin, the SGI-USA Los Angeles Pan-Pacific Zone women’s leader, received the award on their behalf.

In conjunction with the event, the following honors were also bestowed.

• The City of Long Beach presented a separate Certificate of Recognition to President Ikeda and Mrs. Ikeda, signed by Mayor Robert Garcia, for their “hard work and dedication in uniting people of diverse backgrounds and faiths” and for “making Long Beach a better place.”

•The City of Los Angeles presented a separate Certificate of Recognition to Dr. Daisaku Ikeda and Kaneko Ikeda, signed by Councilmember Joe Buscaino, for the SGI’s efforts with the SCIC to create “communities of compassion” among people of different faiths.

SCIC is the oldest and largest interfaith council in Southern California, with 140 religious affiliates in 35 cities, including the SGI-USA South Bay Buddhist Center in Torrance, California.

The day of the annual dinner, the Long Beach community learned that a student from California State University, Long Beach was among the victims of the Nov. 13 Paris attacks. All the participants prayed for the peaceful repose of the victims and renewed their united vow to work for peace.